Amber Heard gives head and gets banged

September 27th, 2016

Amber Heard rides stiff dick on a couch

It’s no secret that Amber Heard is one social climbing gold-diggin’ bitch. Using her then marriage to get her into posh gatherings and trying hard to level up her career while parading with EX hubby, Johnny Depp. Look at her now and what she’s been doing with other men in nasty amateur sex tapes. It’s like she was never in a marriage to be sucking on another man’s dick and riding the damn hard thing after just a few weeks of filing for divorce. Talk about whores, she’s all sorts of it and then some but you gotta admit, she’s fucking hot and wild in this amateur clip!

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May 19th, 2016

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When news broke of Amber Heard marrying Johnny Depp, I honestly can’t say who hit the jackpot. But since both of them are gorgeous and fine people, they do look great a pair to most of the fans’ dismay. Some were happy for the couple while most turned into bashers and haters in all social media sites you can think of. But these negativities don’t seem to bother Heard at all even as she has been pinned sole culprit for bringing in their pet dogs in Australia. Fans wanted Depp out of the issue but being her husband, he has to stand by his young bride at all costs. Then here’s another thing some of you might enjoy and other will hate for sure. Probably hate because Heard is actually doing all sorts of nasties behind her husband’s back while she gets herself attacked from behind but in a good and pleasurable way, I might add.

Whether Depp knows of this or not, let’s just enjoy what Amber has in store for us, shall we? Frolicking with hunk house helps is one of her specialties so it seems and recording her sex tapes with other men and leaving them out in the open for Depp to find would give us the slightest hint as they are in it together. Picking her sex partners well, in terms of how good-looking they are and how much they wanted her too, this naughty plumber of theirs had awesome luck getting a taste of Heard’s pussy and sticking that cock in her twat and tight ass were all it takes to get Heard saying yes to another hardcore fuck session or two. Amber looks as though she’s born to suck on dicks with the way she work on this dude’s shaft and the moment he licked and eats her snatch, she can’t help but beg him to plow her pussy and ass right away.

Amber Heard Gets Naked

July 1st, 2010

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Amber Heard was more than willing to take off her clothes for the film The Informers. “I took on full nudity for that film because the script was based on Bret Easton Ellis’s book and I wanted to represent the raw intensity, the important character aspects of what makes this story so dark and compelling and twisted,” she explained. “I took a big risk and took a gamble and in this case I lost. The movie turned out to be a big flop. I’m okay with it. I don’t regret any movie I have taken on.”

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The movie is about sex, drugs, and new wave in Los Angeles in the early 1980s. a time of excess and decadence. “She’s a bad girl.” Says Amber of her character in the film. “ I play Christie and if I say too much, I’ll give away a very important part of the film. She’s very wealthy and she represents a very strong evil. She does drugs and is very promiscuous. It’s like a Crash-type movie with several different storylines linked by my character.”

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